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New Demo - Playable 3d Game Character!

Modeled, rigged, and animated this low-poly crab in Blender, and made the maps in ZBrush. Made playable (animations and interactivity) in Unity 3d. And then exported to both Unity and Flash. I'm pretty amazed by how well it translated to the Flash player. Though only the Unity version has fog effects ....There is no scoring or bad guys or anything *yet*, but you can run the character around in an underwater environment. Animations you will see on the character include walk, run, jump, and idle..... Hope you like it =)

Click HERE (or on the image above) to play it through the Unity3d plug-in.
Click HERE to play the Flash version.

Thanks for checking it out =)

Behind the scene look at BadgerSpot AR App

Was pretty cool to be included in this article over at about our AR (augmented reality) app. Here is a wireframe view of one of the low-poly creatures (ummm... the one on the right) that i modeled and animated for the app. And also an AR gun I made being used against me =p

Here is a LINK to the article. And for more on the team behind BadgerSpot, check us out at and

Finished Holiday Card for The Danse

Made this for our ( Holiday card this year. The elf and snow were all sculpted and rendered in ZBrush. The rest is Photoshop...... MERRY CHRISTMAS =)

Elf Made for The Danse Holiday Card

This is a turntable of the elf that I sculpted out of spheres in ZBrush. I then rendered a turntable in ZBrush and added the snow and background in AfterEffects... Had a lot of fun with this one =)

And it's finally out!

Sparky the Road Clown hit the app store today!! This was the first iPhone/iPad app i did all the graphics and animation for. The game was developed by my buddy, Greg (@unseenthings). He has posted up some video of the game at

Get the game here:

And see the press release here:

Thanks for checking it out!

Sick of the snow??

Snowing again here in Memphis today. Most everyone is sick of it now... But not this little dude =) ....Painted on my iPad in ArtStudio.

Yoda (fan art)

Have wanted to do a Yoda head for years, but never got around to it. Did this one in Sculptris (model and paint) and C4D (eyes and rendering). It's not 100%, but time to move on =) Might give it another shot at some point...

WIP - Fromp Character

Work in progress... More soon...

iPhone Finger Paint - Fromp

Fairly pleased with this one. Might clean it up, and expand on it in Photoshop. Painting on the iPhone is surprisingly fun and addictive... For me anyway =p

Character Design - New product's mascot

Had a lot of fun with this one =) I will post more details about the product once released!

And here is a character and booth video (no sound) I created for his polar opposite =p

There is a good chance that I will be re-creating and animating both of these guys in 3D before long. I'm hoping so! This project came my way through The Danse. Always have a blast working with them =)

RivetFish - Game Concept

Playing with ideas for a possible RivetFish game. Small sketch fleshed out in Adobe Illustrator. Main weapons would be the mech claw and air cannon. Hope to be able to reveal more about the game play soon =)

Road Clown Stuff...

Vectors for decal that will probably be on the trunk of the car in the game.

Sketch of Sparky the Road Clown. Character I created in 3D for a Unity 3D game... Expect more from Sparky soon!

Was in the paper =)

Story in The Commercial Appeal (memphis newspaper) on The Danse's 3d work...

(from left) Greg Dunn, Troyan Turner, Madeline Ward and Chris Magee.

Road Clown - vector work + game preview

Vector work for the Sparky the Road Clown game I'm working on. This is the icon for the game, and some vectors used in this video from a beta of the game....

Modeling Process

iPhone users CLICK HERE to view.

This timelapse shows the process I used to model the crab. It is usually referred to as "box modeling". I used Blender, but box modeling can be done in most any 3d program..... Of course I am normally much more cautious when modeling, and spend a lot more time refining and detailing than what you see in this 30min session.
This timelapse shows the process I used to model the crab. It is usually referred to as "box modeling". I used Blender, but box modeling can be done in most any 3d program..... Of course I am normally much more cautious when modeling, and spend a lot more time refining and detailing than what you see in this 30min session.

Photoshop Paintover

This is the look I will probably be going for when texturing the crab.... Think I may have a name for him now too. Snips!

Working on a rig

Here is my first attempt at a rig in Blender. If you care to see it, here is a 5min screen recording of me testing it out. You might want to skip the first half or so.... I am re-working a good bit of it now.... EDIT: Wow. Those knee controllers are all kinds of bad =p They have been fixed since the vid was recorded.

Sculpey Crab

Did this guy with sculpey several months ago. Colored with prismacolor pencils. I hope to do more with sculpey soon. It's a really basic sculpt, but there is something really satisfying about holding what you created in your hands.

Concept Doodles

These were all drawn in my 3.5x5" sketch pad. None are more than 2" tall, and some are right at 1". These were drawn just to get my ideas on paper. I rarely do a finished drawing.

This is a watercolor based on another little sketch. This was the first watercolor I had done in a loooong time... it was fun =)

My new Character Animation Project

Started a new blog - RivetFish - on the production of a animated short i am working on... I promise to update it more than i have this one ;p


What is RivetFish?

RivetFish is a 3d short (and/or comic) that I have been toying with for a while, but never got past a few character designs and rough story outlines. I recently installed Blender, and decided to model one of these character designs as a learning exercise (modeled this crab from a box).... Guess that is what kind of got the ball rolling =)

This blog will document my progress throughout the production. I normally use Cinema4D for my projects, but am going to attempt to complete this project in Blender. I figure this will be a good way to learn the program, and put it to the test. If I run into problems, I may add Cinema and/or ZBrush to the mix... Though I'm a Blender n00b, I will try to share some tech tips along the way. Feel free to chime in with corrections. And any explanations of alternative methods would be appreciated as well.

I haven't really nailed down a storyline yet. I tend to get story ideas as I create stuff. I do know that it will have a SteamPunk vibe to it. To what degree, I'm not sure... Designing goggles for a crab is a bit of a challenge ;)


This is a timelapse of a painting done on my Nintendo DS with the free homebrew app, "Colors!". It's a 3” screen with no layers or undo, but still a lot of fun to work with. I refer to it as my Nintiq (Nintendo+Cintiq)

Done without reference mostly while lying in bed.... I think he could maybe pass as Yoda's younger brother =p

Demo Reel (preview)

((Flash required to view video))

This is my 3D Animation and Multimedia Design Reel.
UPDATE:Please view high quality version now available at instead.

Thanks for watching =)